The 6 Top Tennis Racquets for Beginners

Top tennis racquet reviews reveal starting out your first few swings on the court requires giving yourself a full overview of the kind of racquet you’ll need to start with. For beginners, you’re looking at racquets with an oversized head and lightweight structure and a stiff frame. Racquets that give you an added boost of power is a recommended choice for tennis racquets at a beginner level. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of tennis racquets best suited for you.

Prince O3 Blue+ Tennis Racquet

With a head size of 110 sq. in. and a weight of 270g, you’re looking at a lightweight, oversize power racquet designed to give you easy mobility in your swings and a strong power finish. The Prince O3 line has received many impressive tennis racquet reviews thanks to the racquet’s power mobility and stability when receiving and serving the ball. The Prince O3 Blue+ prices at $119 and is a top choice recommendation for any beginner that surely won’t disappoint you.

Wilson Tour Slam Adult String

The Wilson Tour Slam Adult String offers a head size of 110 sq. in. and a weight in the range from 309g to 326g. Although this may not be considered to be a lightweight racquet, it’s still considerably a fine choice for beginners. The Wilson Tour tennis racquet is made up of aluminum, which is a great material that is useful for beginners. The aluminum allows the user to hit the ball without bending the racquet with too much force making it easily adaptable for the user. Also, the Wilson Tour is great way of manipulating the play considering its features. You can buy the Wilson Tour for $101.00 and even a used Wilson Tour tennis racquet at $75.00

best tennis racquet for a beginner

Tecnifibre T-Flash 265 ATP

The Tecnifibre is another lightweight racquet that’s even lighter than the Prince O3 Blue+ with a head size of just 100 sq. in. and weight of 265g. A tennis racquet such as the Tecnifibre is considered to be a powerful control racquet. Although the weight may be relatively a little lighter, powerful control racquets perform well in regards to power and are control-based. Tennis racquet reviews have quoted the Tecnifibre to be excellent in maneuvering, which makes it a great starter for beginners who are thinking of moving up to a higher class throughout their training. If you’re looking for a great way to start your season with tennis, the Tecnifibre prices at $229.00 and can be considered a good investment to give you an edge against opponents.

Prince Thunder Beast 100

Looking towards more budgeted tennis racquets with the same amount of sufficient power and maneuverability, Prince Thunder Beast offers just that. With a great introductory price of $35, it’s definitely a catch. The Prince Thunder Beast 100 is branded to have the Triple Threat technology added with Tungsten to provide power, stability, directional control, and a reduced shock in receiving the ball. The Prince Thunder is perfect for beginners who are looking for racquets with good value for money and offers a great way to start good control and feel of the sport.

Head Graphene XT Instinct Rev Pro Racquet

The striking difference between the Head Graphene XT Instinct and the other tennis racquets listed above is the material used to manufacture the Head Graphene XT. The price for this racquet is $155.00 and as the name suggests, this particular tennis racquet is made of graphite material. Tennis racquets manufactured from graphite material are ideal for beginners who are interested in enhancing their skills and moving up to higher levels. This is because graphite-manufactured tennis racquets offer less flexibility, allowing the user to gain more control of the racquet. Additional features of the Head Graphene XT are the extra power and maneuverability it provides for its users.

Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone

Last but not least is a lightweight, over sized tennis racquet priced at $74.95, hitting the mark as one of the top budgeted tennis racquets ideal for beginner to intermediate levels. The Head Ti S5 offers beginners the transition in their ability to control their swing and when receiving the ball. You will also notice a boost in the power this racquet gives and give you an advantage in defensive play.

Before choosing the best racquet for you, consider the weight, power, and balance of the racquet since these will affect the stability, control, and power of your swings when serving and receiving the ball. It’s advisable to choose a racquet with a larger head to also give better shock absorption. Most importantly, determine your budget and which type of material you prefer for starting out with your first racquet. This will set the standard for your future preferences and the kind of play you will adapt throughout your tennis career.